Aandachttrainingen voor particulieren en uitgebreid wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Mindfulbizz - Vision

See every problem as an opportunity

MINDFULBIZZ offers a new type of training where welfare, performance, focus and conscious attention go hand in hand for the best possible result.

MINDFULBIZZ also focuses on daily problems at home and at work.

- Stimulating effective and creative decisions

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- Improving relations with customers and colleagues

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- Learn how best to deal with stress

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Stimulating effective and creative decisions

An archer who doesn’t focus on his target, can never hit it.
Everyday life is exactly the same: if you don’t focus on your problems or challenges, you will never find a good solution. MINDFULBIZZ is a technique that helps you look at the creation of problems in the right way. And search unhindered for effective solutions.
We learn specifically how to:

  • put a distance between ourselves and the permanent flow of thoughts, judgments, worries and plans;
  • focus on the here and now;
  • find perspective in the problem facing us.

Result: you take effective and creative decisions.

Improving relations with customers and colleagues

The leader who wants his servant to shelter him, must ask him in the right way. Does he formulate it as a demand? Or as an informal idea? If so, he is guaranteed to have the door slammed in his face. Communication at work also suffers from the pressures of time and the system of hierarchy. These ensure that simple requests suddenly become insurmountable conflicts.
MINDFULBIZZ teaches you how to communicate in the best possible way. We pay attention to:

  • cool communication, without emotional reactions;
  • an objective assessment of questions and remarks, without taking them personally;
  • appreciation of the interlocutor as interlocutor, not as friend or enemy.

Result: you communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues.

Learn how best to deal with stress

A stressed footballer will always miss his shot at goal. Unless he uses that stress to his advantage. And turns it into positive energy that he needs to kick the ball into the corner of the net. Stress is a biological response to danger: whenever the pressure to achieve increases or the degree of difficulty rises. All too often we find this stress reaction annoying, and it affects our performance.
With MINDFULBIZZ you can perform at your best even when under pressure. Because you learn to deal with stress positively by:

  • avoiding undue stress;
  • building in focus periods in order to allow for creative ideas under pressure.

Result: you maintain a permanent flow of achievements, even under great pressure.