Aandachttrainingen voor particulieren en uitgebreid wetenschappelijk onderzoek

How do we begin?

Everything you discover for yourself gives you inner strength

You don’t learn MINDFULBIZZ from a book. Theories and concepts are useful in supporting and ordering your everyday experiences. Daily life and the present moment will, however, become your most important field of practice. Your own experience is your most important teacher.

A focused mind in four steps


1. Inner potential as foundation

Every participant has his own obstacles to overcome. So every participant has to tackle his obstacles himself during the training. We always start with the inner capacity of every trainee. Because that produces the best results.

In practice: short and powerful exercises increase the belief of the participants in their own capabilities. And give the necessary stability for making smart decisions.


2. Recognising unconscious mental processes and steering them

Our mind is continually on the go: we think about problems, react to our environment, and are overcome by emotions. The wheels inside never stop turning. Even if we are not always aware of all these activities. The consequence: our stress can grow unnoticed. Until it suddenly gets too big.

In practice: we will specifically go looking for these processes. We will acquire insight into our own unconscious thought processes. That will immediately give us much greater mental peace. Furthermore, we can now steer those unconscious processes so as to avoid stress in the future.


3. Practise emotional intelligence

In order to take judicious decisions, we have to learn to use our unconscious stream of information processing. Because that train of thoughts and the associated emotions distort objective assessments and saddle us with unnecessary emotions.
In practice: we learn how to identify and let go of those thoughts and emotions. We acquire insight into our conditioned reactions. And we can choose to respond differently to the difficulties that face us.


4. Learning new thought patterns

Have we mastered the focus technique? Then we will put into practice immediately. We will look at familiar problems through new objective spectacles. Without emotions, and with our full attention turned to the heart of the problem. This will help us to devise creative and intelligent solutions.

In practice: we study four classic thought patterns. We learn to steer them: we take out the negative influences to be able to arrive at a more empowering situation.