Aandachttrainingen voor particulieren en uitgebreid wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Participants share...

Whatever you can dream, begin it.
Boldness has genius and magic in it.
  • How would you score your overall satisfaction with the training program?

Average score : 4,44/5

A participant shares:

“I have gained a whole new look on the human psyche. It has certainly aroused my interest and will definitely continue doing it."


  • To what extent have you gained new knowledge and skills?

Average score : 4,22/5

Participants share:

“Taking a breathing space, doing yoga and above all; realizing you can be mindful of excessive thinking, has really improved the quality of my life.

“I was pleased to find out that thanks to Mindfulness ‘Eastern’ meditation techniques have found their way into the ‘West’.”


  • Does the training program meet your expectations?

Average score : 4,22/5

Participants share:

“The training program meets more than my expectations.”

“I really didn’t know what to expect but to me it was a revelation to find out how you can protect yourself from all kinds of tension.”

“I have learned a number of new ‘tricks’ that deepen my meditation practice and make me even more aware.”


  • Would you recommend the trainer to others?

Average score: 100%

Participants share:


  • What were your most positive experiences?

Participants share:

“That there are ways to protect yourself in stress situations and how you can focus on what you should or shouldn’t do in one particular moment.”

“At least now I know there’s a way to deal with problems, so I don’t have to suppress them or completely get carried away by them.”

“Learning how to listen to my body and realizing that thoughts are created by no one else but me.”


  • Did you have any negative experiences?

Participants share:

“The exercises took up more time than I thought”.

“Some exercises are somewhat confronting and cause discomfort. Although this is also what’s so valuable about this training.”


  • Would you recommend this training program to your colleagues?

Average score : 100%

Participants share:


  • To what extent did you feel the trainer applied the training content him/herself?

Average score : 4,77/5


  • To what extent did you feel the trainer responded effectively to participant’s questions?

Average score : 4,33/5

Participants share:

“The trainer always gave a very accurate answer to my questions, a lot has become clear to me.”

“The trainer didn’t get into any of the personal feelings or expression of participants too much, but then that’s why there’s also individual therapy.”


  • How do you evaluate the course material?

Average score: 4,55/5

Participants share:

“Better than I had expected – definitely a good reference for the future.”

“The CD’s especially will prove – and have proven – its use.”


“This excellent training program proves that mindfulness also fits in a work environment.”

“I can’t think of any suggestions to improve this training program, I have nothing but positive things to say. I have things to deal with right now, like a broken relationship, and I have to say I can keep it together thanks to the meditation practice, the insight, the breathing exercises. I’m devoted to Mindfulness.”

“How you experience the result of the training program depends solely on your own effort in between the sessions and also after the training. Offering more come-back sessions after completion of the training program can motivate individuals to keep up with the good work.”