Aandachttrainingen voor particulieren en uitgebreid wetenschappelijk onderzoek

Training packages - Intensive days

Life is like a river; if you stop rowing, you start going backwards


After you have completed a MINDFULBIZZ training programme, you can attend MINDFULBIZZ intensive days, such as the Mindful Box (TM).

These days are organised around a well-defined central topic, such as intensifying stable attention, attitude, communication or solutions-oriented thinking.

After a controlled sitting meditation and a theoretical part, there is the opportunity to exchange experiences with the trainer and other participants. You can re-evaluate your MINDFULBIZZ Plan and get inspiration.

THE MINDFUL BOX – 7 mindfulness insights for your lifeswork

In this growing complexity of life, thorough and clear thinking has become paramount. Mindfulness has already proved its efficiency.
These 7 mindfulness insights for the work place are a translation and a practical understanding of the creative principle called ‘thinking out of the box.’
Together they form an applicable framework from which you can have a creative commitment with difficulties and challenges at work as well as at home.

Look at the box – Understand the box – Take a distance from the box – Think out of the box – Act out of the box – Feel the box – Live out of the box

These 7 insights will help you find a balance between feeling and thinking, leisure and work, activity and relaxation.

7 BOX Reminders

1. Life has its ups and downs.
2. Sometimes we miss out on the ups.
Sometimes we drown in the downs.
3. We can find stillness in the eye of the storm.
4. We can always do more than we think.
5. Whatever may happen, you can always choose the path
of respect, courage and dignity.
6. Your attitude is your most important strength.
7. You can catch up on your work, not on your children’s youth.


Januari 31st, 2011 (Ghent, Belgium)

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