Aandachttrainingen voor particulieren en uitgebreid wetenschappelijk onderzoek

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Life is like swimming upstream, you go backwards when you stop


Do you often receive an overload of information to read or process?

We offer 2 training sessions that will teach you a program to scan and process information more quickly and efficiently.

Workshop “Working and living from your core quality”

Core qualities® and Situational Leadership names your qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies and puts your personal strength as being a leader into the spotlight.

Workshop “Diversity and Inclusion by Personality types”

MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator® draws a map of differences between people and names your qualities, pitfalls and challenges. It describes how people communicate differently and deal with change, problems, conflicts,…

Coaching intrinsic emotional resistance and fear. (EMDR)

Whenever Marc gives a presentation at work, he is sweating like a horse. He doesn’t understand why he's always so nervous. He really knows his stuff, he's usually a fluent speaker and is always well prepared.

Sometimes our fear for certain kinds of situations is just completely unrealistic and still we can’t seem to get it together. We will put your anxiety to rest with one simple method so that you’ll be able to confidently confront future fearful situations.

Coaching the processing of traumas (EMDR)

Several months ago, the bank where Ida works at has been brutally robbed by three masked and armed men. All of the colleagues seem to have processed it well over time. However, Ida still freezes up each time the front office door opens and a customer enters. At night she often wakes up after having a nightmare.

For many years, Ivo has been appreciated for his positive involvement with his work. However, after a tiring period he makes an error causing financial consequences for his company and a scolding from his boss. Even though he is allowed to start over new, Ivo can’t forget about this incident. He hasn’t been the same since, forgets about things, isn’t able to finish up his work, and is complaining about a stiff neck.

Some events can be so intense that we have trouble dealing with them. In only a few coaching sessions we will help employees who have developed an unusual stress reaction or some form of dysfunctional behavior to deal with these kinds of events so that they can function normally again.

Training and coaching in communication skills

Listening, assertive communication, communicating convincingly, communicating persuasively, conducting difficult conversations, giving feedback, giving performance interviews, absence interviews, conducting conversations as a confidential advisor concerning harassment laws, interviewing, participating in meetings, giving presentations.